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WEB referencing – aim for the 1st Google position

   Web referencing or SEO is an activity that allows your website to show as close as possible to the first result of a web search, be it on Google or on any other search engine.


  First, you must have a website that you have access to, that you should develop and optimize regularly. This will in turn boost your SEO and appear in the first results of Google Search, which will generate more traffic.

Dune Adviser is here to assist you with your referencing:


  • Organic Referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Paid Referencing or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) - the purchase of online advertising space on search engines, especially Google Ads.


 Dune Adviser - organic SEO Agency, favors for digital strategy "the common sense", to offer you a tailor-made SEO support in the long term.

We invite you and we recommend that you take the time to inform yourself.


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Defining your Organic Referencing Strategy


  This will allow you to increase your internet traffic, to generate new prospects or new clients and to target their internet research.

"Sometimes it isn’t not necessary to have significant traffic, but targeted traffic can turn a visitor into a future buyer, which will be more efficient."

   Dune Adviser relies on specialized and paid tools, dedicated to the analysis which will obtain a complete diagnosis of the metrics of your website (quality of links, clickthrough rates, etc ...) and to update the obstacles that penalize your SEO referencing.

These tools also make it possible to measure the quality of your textual contents, the richness of the semantics, length of the sentences, etc ... in order to improve these aspects.

All this information will enable us to carry out a precise technical audit.

  The creation of this SEO Full Technical Audit will identify on the one hand, the "Technical Errors" penalizing the referencing of your site, and on the other hand, identify the appropriate keywords your audience are searching.


So, how to reference your website?
How to optimize the referencing of your website?

There are three main factors to consider:


  • La Technique:

 The speed of your website, its mobile version (responsive design), the secure https of the site, meta tags and the source code generated are essential points for the proper SEO of your site.

Some secondary elements are also to be taken into account, such as the presence of breadcrumbs, URL rewriting, and alt tags.

The quality and history of your domain name, as well as subdomains should also be considered.


  • Net-linking and backlinks:


There are two types of links, internal links (the internal mesh of pages on your site) and external links. The quality of these links is important: it is measured by variables.

Building an internal mesh directs users from one page to another, especially the deep pages of your site

The quality of the site: "the Authority", is equally important: does it have a grade to compare to its "E-reputation"?

Or the notion of the content of linked sites: is there people who talk about you? Do you have robots making referrals to your site? Work on your credibility, get customer reviews.

The presence on Google Image, on Google Business, on Google Maps is also important.


WARNING! Artificial Backlinks - Bad Net-linking:
Your E-reputation is affected 

Google is also in a pattern of consistency since 2016, its algorithm has really changed, with the announcement of Google Penguin.

Attention, some professionals offer backlinks of very bad quality: "Bot", robots of fake Websites or PBN networks.

Make sure to regularly check and clean your Backlinks that could be penalized by Google Penguin and degrade your e-reputation.


  • Web Content:

   Editorial quality, "Content Marketing": the content of your website must be exclusive and consistent with the identity of your site. You must define a Keyword Strategy and Optimize content regularly.

Awareness of your content and sharing on social networks or other blogs is essential.

 Duplicate Content is of course to be banned totally!



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WEB Marketing - Implementation of an SEO Strategy

Stage 1: Audit & Web Training – Referencing

Referencing training

  • Google training
  • Adwords training
  • SEO optimization

Referencing audit

  • Website content
  • Backlinks – net linking
  • Technique

Stage 2: Deployment – SEO referencing


  • Choice of a domain name
  • URL structure – URL rewriting
  • CMS and quality hosting
  • Long tail
  • Internal mesh building


  • Creation and writing of web-optimized content
  • Text, H1 title, H2
  • Title and Image Title Tags optimization
  • Picture and video integration
  • Keywords
  • Longterm quality content
  • No duplicate content

Net-Linking Backlink

  • Authority
  • Ereputation
  • Backlinks
  • Nofollow

Stage 3: SEO-SEA referencing optimization

SEA - Purchase of advertising space

  • Google Adwords
  • Optimization of Advertising Campaigns
  • Purchase of space on search engines: YAHOO, BING, QWANT
  • Competing keywords opimization
  • Local referencing

Reporting Analysis SEO-SEA

Regularly analyze your results

  • URL structure and internal links
  • Content optimization
  • Reports & Support
  • SEO optimization for search engines
  • Competing keywords
  • Pertinent content
  • Conversion rate



Vocabulary: Understand SEO-Web Marketing

Website audit

SEO audit
Content audit
Competition audit
Keywords audit
SERP audit

SEO training

Analytics tool

Web Content

Exclusive content
No duplicate content


Optimize the order process and capitalize on your online store


Exact domain name
Internet CMS
Meta tags

Easily create and send surveys

Referencing reporting

Page rank
Click Rate
Rejection Rate

SEA – Purchase of Advertising Space

You don’t need to have technical knowledge to create your own website

SEO Optimization

Manage and present real estate properties optimized for referencing

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